REHAB Footwear makes double-take worthy shoes.

At first glance they seem familiar, following the lines and forms of classic men's shoes. On second look: rich colors, surprising textures, and handcrafted brilliance emerge.

During the production of REHAB shoes many processes are based by "old-fashioned" craftsmanship. The high quality, hand finished leather we use to cover our rubber soles gives each shoe a rich and unique look.

User experiences and continuous testing using the latest fitting-techniques guarantees

a perfect fit.

Rubber outsoles, extra foam on the inside of the footbed and soft leather lining provide all the comfort imaginable.

Colored by nature

Nowadays creating leathers is done with a lot of chemicals that causing a big footprint on our planet. Therefore REHAB uses around 80% of the collection with Vegetable tanned leathers. Vegetable tanning is a traditional craft process which creates soft leathers free of chemicals, based on the use of natural tannings.This technique works with both ancient recipes as well as state of the art technology. Vegetable tanned, chemical-free leather gives our shoes a unique characteristic look and soft touch. Over time colors may fade and therefore shoes can vary in appearance, showcasing the leathers unique character.

At REHAB we are on a continuous search to find the best quality leathers with the most beautiful, striking prints or textures.

The finest leathers

We use buffalo, cow or goat leathers: strong, soft and pure with a raw edge. We love to use extraordinary prints and textures, like snake-, croco- and lizard, or exotic, floral and shiny prints. And we always add a few surprising details for that perfect finishing touch.