Black men’s shoes: the ultimate classic

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Black men’s shoes: the ultimate classic

Every man needs a pair of black men’s shoes. This ultimate classic is perfect for many different occasions. The black men’s shoe is your go-to item for a sophisticated and classy look. And not only a dressy men’s shoe is a must-have in black, you also need a pair of black men’s sneakers in your shoe collection this season. With a white sole, or lined with warm and comfy sheepskin: without sneakers your wardrobe is not complete this winter.

Never a dull moment
Black shoes boring? Not at Rehab Footwear! We make sure that you can make a fashion statement, even with a pair of classics like these. We do so by using the finest materials and by adorning our shoes with quirky details that give them exactly the character you’re looking for. Classic and sophisticated with a fun twist. Our sneakers also have that little extra, the nice leathers and lightweight PU/rubber soles make sure you can see and feel the quality. 

Handcrafted in Europe
All our shoes are made in Europe, by hand. We use the latest technologies and artisanal processes to give you the highest quality. For example, we inject the leather soles of our dressy men’s shoes with rubber. A special process, that makes sure the shoe keeps the classic look of a handmade leather shoe, but is much more durable and comfortable than any ‘old-fashioned’ men’s shoe. And because we’re Rehab we add a nice bright color to that rubber sole, because nobody needs another pair of boring shoes.

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