Blue shoes for fashion-savvy men

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Blue shoes for fashion-savvy men

As Elvis already told you in his world famous hit song ‘blue suede shoes’: blue shoes for men are the bomb. Rehab has blue men’s shoes in many shapes and sizes. Do you like our dark blue sneakers? Or are you more of an aqua-type? Whichever blue floats your boat, you’re bound to make a great impression with it. Blue is the fashion color of this fall and winter. And if you want to look your best Rehab is your place to be, because we have blue men’s shoes and sneakers in all shapes and sizes.

Fifty shades of blue
Blue shoes come in many shades this season. From deep dark indigo to fresh and bright aqua. At Rehab footwear you get to pick from loads of different models and materials. Dark blue sneakers are a perfect match to you jeans, and with bright blue shoes and a business suit you’re sure to make a fashion statement. Blue shoes are a true staple piece. This classic is your go-to item for all occasions, from job interview to epic night out on the town.

Keep your shoes in shape
Make sure to keep your Rehab shoes in tip top shape by taking good care of them. Use one of our specially designed care kits, they contain a cream or spray to protect your blue shoes from harsh weather or dirty floors. Especially the lighter shades of blue can stain easily, but when you apply the right protection you’ll see they will soil less easily and the material will stay nice for a long time. 

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