Rehab Footwear

Rehab® is a unique Dutch footwear brand that was founded in 2008 by Jaco Flach. In 2010 Jeremy Westerhuis joined Rehab as a partner. Rehab creates rugged and inspiring footwear with its own signature. Rehab® represents those people who like showing their own individual identity and have a great interest in fashion and quality products.


Our Life

Being creative, living our dream and working closely with all people involved every day: our own Rehab team of dedicated employees, suppliers, manufacturers and of course our clients. Creating and producing shoes is comprehensive, with more than 30 new models each season and over 50 different materials, we do not choose the easy path, but we do choose our own path. We’re proud when people recognize and appreciate the effort, the creativity and the quality we’ve put in our collections and in our brand. That is what we live for...


Our Creativity

Continuous experimenting and product developing in our design & marketing offices near The Hague (The Netherlands) are at the base of creating our innovative fresh collections, based on the principle of mixing things up. Our design team keeps developing characteristic unique shoes with their own mix of flavors. Discover the many details, the nice smooth, hand finished leathers or the unique snake, croco or laser printed leathers. We use the newest techniques in development of soles and lining materials to give you the comfort you need, so you can enjoy your pair of Rehab shoes all day long.


Our Production

After the design and development process in our design offices in Holland we produce our shoes together with five skilful factories that share our passion for high quality products. The factories are all based in the north of Portugal. The close and long relationships we have with our factories allow us to deliver high quality durable footwear we can be proud of. All suppliers of leathers, soles and other materials are based in Portugal, Italy or Spain.


Our responsibility

All suppliers of our shoes are European based companies and comply with the rules of the European laws on labour and health, environment and safety regulations. By using only European suppliers we keep the transport chain short. When choosing materials we always choose the most durable ones available, so you can enjoy your shoes for a long time. We also use a lot of vegetable tanned leathers in our collections. Vegetable tanned leathers are produced without using any chemicals. For more information about our corporate responsibility please email us at: office@rehabfootwear.com

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